Enza Di Lecce  Freelance , Vegan recipe Creator , Photographer and Travel video Protagonist .

I was born 1986 in the magical Matera the European Cultural Capital of the year 2019 situated in the south of  Italy . Schooled in the world of Tourism management , food and hospitality . I started travelling the world to explore its tastes and colours from New Zealand to London , passing through Bulgaria , Long Island - New York , Sydney .  

About three years ago and during an holiday in my home town ,  I met Caspar Daniël Diederik my dutchman that made me discover love and helped me to believe in my dreams and follow the heart and the creative voice that alive in our soul ...

... So, I'm part of  storytravelers.com  's collective as Photographer and Travel Video Protagonist and  I started to  put all my passions and dreams in one pot and to create and to photograph my Vegan Recipes with all my vision , creativity and heart . 

I love it !

        - Photo : Caspar Daniël Diederik -

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