let's get to know each other


Graduated in Marketing & Communication, my journey through photography began with Storytravelers.com
( an international network of storytellers who take you on meaningful journeys, through the art of film and photography )
with the invitation to collaborate as a video protagonist in Jordan.
It didn't take me long to understand how much more wonderful I feel,
when I'm the one holding the camera.

"I love seeing the world

with my 70-200MM"

I have a complete set of photographic equipment,

though my favourite lens would definitely be

the 70-200 mm, 

because it allows me to play with composition and detail,

and to skillfully immortalise a precious moment.

When I am not capturing the moment, I love spending time cooking and of course, carefully photographing the food I create.

"Photography adds life and soul to all that it captures.

It would truly be my pleasure to do that for you!"